[Aromatherapy] Week 6 Weight Loss: Deep Blue

So, these past few days I have really gotten annoyed with Facebook! Good grief oh golly! It is all over the place. That works though since I’m doing my best to not be on Facebook all day everyday anymore! So what do I do with my time? I join a gym! The last week of doTerra’s 6 week blog experience, I join a gym. How ironic? It actually kind of is. I kind of thought it wasn’t affordable, and that it would be bad for my daughter. Yeah right; my almost-7 month old loves it. We bring her in and the ladies love her, and the other kids want to play “baby” with her. My 7-month post-partum body also loves it.

So, how do Essential Oils play a role at the gym? Well… let me tell you! My mid-lower back hurts more than usual. Yeah, that myth about where the epidural was… that spot. It hurts. Lets fix it!

DEEP BLUE Oil or Lotion… doesn’t matter too much which. No, it doesn’t directly help you loose weight, but once you start exercising, you mind find it more important than the slimming Peppermint or Slim & Sassy to your brain! Maybe even the detoxing Lime and Grapefruit oils. You maaaay not find it as “necessary” as all those other oils helping you avoid your cravings, but being in good spirits and pain free is very important!

Here’s the deal, for me at least.
1. A little goes a LONG way.
2. Don’t put it on right before, after, or during the workout or shower unless it is VERY diluted. I learned this the hard way with Biofreeze/IcyHot awhile back, take that times 10 and you get Deep Blue consequences. Learned that the hard way too 😡 Your pores open, and I’m telling you – A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! These essential oils are POTENT!

Now here I sit 20 minutes later feeling limber and great!

PS: This stuff is also awesome for bruises, headaches and migraines, inflammation (obviously), and sprains. Its expensive, but so worth the cost. This is the one oil I would choose if I had to choose one single thing ever. Maybe, because it has solved any migraine I’ve ever had — and those are the worst pain ever in my opinion.

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