[Aromatherapy] Weight Loss: Week 5 of 6: Odds and Ends

Week 5! Almost there! How have your past 5 weeks been? I found myself regressing almost this week! Possibly, more so than I thought … so I did some research. We’ve talked about doTerra’s Slim and Sassy blend, doTerra’s Grapefruit oil, doTerra’s Lime oil, and last week, doTerra’s Peppermint oil. This week, I did some research, and ran across an article which referenced Dr. Alan Hirsch. He has done research on hunger and what causes it. According to Dr. Hirsch, whereas it is often believe hunger is associated with blood sugars and amount of food in the belly, he disagrees. Apparently, with my understanding of this article which referenced him, satiety (the feeling of being full) can be triggered by scent.

The goal here is not to NOT eat, but rather eat what you want when you want and how you want — with regulation and conscious decision. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I thought to myself, “Oh – I’m suppose to gain weight. I’m hungry, lets eat!” While I was pregnant, I ended up having to do that, or I got sick sick sick from not eating. The problem was, after giving birth, I continued to do so, and now half a year later, here I sit still doing so. I’ve cut out soda. YAY! I’ve increased my water by, ohhh… I don’t know…. 9-10 cups/day. YAY! But, I still eat just to eat.

This past week, I’ve done some concious studies of my actions and foods. I know I must eat more than “average” per say to maintain my milk supply. I know this. And, add in my exercise, which because of supply problems I’m only doing in moderation… I MUST eat. So, I’ve decided on three meals a day, with two smaller “snacks” in between. By the time I’m done and settled with my child and family, it’s usually 7:30 before I can eat dinner. So – scratch that. I’ve selected 2 meals a day, and three snacks. Not ideal, but this will work. My issue? I don’t do that – I eat all day, and not healthy foods all the time. Stress eaters don’t always select the best food afterall.

SOOO….. at the beginning of the day select two or three of these. Carry them with you, and change out the chosen oils daily. Get different ones for max effects. Throughout the day, smell them 3-6 times per nostril, with the other nostril closed. 6 deep sniffs is considered “adequate.” If you under smell, your hypothalamus will be triggered to be “hungry” and you will in fact eat more. Scents supposedly work too: chocolate, peach, maple syrup….

Oils that work:
Ginger (also great for digestion and nausea)
Black Pepper (also great for addictions such as nicotine)
Grapefruit (previously discussed)
Peppermint (previously discussed)
Clove (also great for tooth pain)
Basil (also great for earaches)
Lime (previously discussed)
Dill Seed
Orange (doTerra’s Wild Orange)



Please feel free to comment with any questions you have about essential oils and use in your home, or EMAIL ME (csnoodles@yahoo.com) to inquire about samples, purchase, or enroll in your wholesale account.

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