[Aromatherapy] Weight Loss Week 1 of 6

Well ladies, the time has official come. I could write a whole blog post on my labor and delivery six months ago, but long story short, it did not go as planned! My birth plan came in handy, and I was still given my baby moments after she was born, but I waved buh-bye to daddy cord cutting, mirror watching birth, touching a crowning head, immediate chest time, and many more “wants,” all thanks to an emergency caesarian. So now, I must focus mentally and physically on future VBACs. At this point, I am an awesome candidate assuming I can loose a bit more BMI (my eating has gone downhill fast since pregnancy), and I wait about 14 more months before becoming pregnant again.

Slim&Sassy Skinny Wrap

So, I have decided to start a 6-week journey with you guys about 6 doTerra Essential Oils that I will be using on my exercise and weight loss agenda. I’m not looking to loose 15 pounds in a week. I’m not looking to loose 10 pounds and then drop off. I’m not looking to binge or fast. In fact, I’m not just working toward weight loss. Instead, I am looking at weight loss, body fat reduction, heart health, uterine health and strengthening, cardiac health, and later success with a VBAC.

As I begin my process, I am cutting out soft drinks (slowly! I’m down to one canned Dr. Pepper and a Monster every day), and walking. Pre-pregnancy I was an avid fitness enthusiast. But now, my focus is more so on spending time with my daughter and husband, and by the time she’s down at night, I crash. So, I’ve got to get these refined sugars and whatnot under control so my energy levels even out! THIS is why I’m choosing Slim and Sassy for my first EO discussion.

Slim and Sassy is a metabolic blend doTerra put out on their shelves that contains Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and Lemon. It isn’t a “magic pill” or a “super supplement” some other weight loss programs claim themselves to be. It does, however, work as a supplement.


DoTerra suggests  16oz water to 8 drops of oil. This is way too strong for me. I’m not sure if its because I’m just starting with this oil, if I’m not a fan of Ginger and Cinnamon (which, I’m not) or what… but it burns if it touches my lip, and it does NOT encourage me to drink more water! I want my weight loss journey to be enjoyable; not forced, stressful, nasty, or dreaded. So, while I encourage you to *try* it that way and see if you can maintain suggestion…. There are other uses and applications you can go with!

Helps manage appetite between meals
Lifts mood
Boosts energy
Long term weight loss, not short burst, not water weight loss
Organic and whole
Helps with Hydration
Immunity boosts
Stomach and GI calming
Helps balance blood sugar
Inhibits new fat cells from forming (adipogenesis)
GREAT for diabetics
Enhances sense of fullness after eating
Metabolic boost

8 drops per 16 oz (regular size bottle) of water
4 drops per shot glass of water
Drop on back of tongue a few times a day (my application!)
Topically diluted in coconut or olive oil on skin (stomach, thighs, arms) (my application!)
Wrap your skin after application for 1-8 hours with saran wrap!
Inhaled (helps with appetite) (my application!) – rub on hands and inhale deeply

So, as I taper off on the caffeine and carbonated soft drinks, and begin incorporating more exercise into my daily routine (leg lifts while on the floor with my daughter, side stretches while cooking, calf raises while showering, dips while watching a movie for the kids), this oil blend will be an important one to keep on the lookout for!

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