[Aromatherapy] Weightloss Week 2 of 6: Grapefruit EO

To start with…..

I’m Getting Marrrrrrrried!!!!!

were-getting-marriedWHAT WHAT WHAT!?!!? THAAAAAAAAAAAAT’s righhhht! Saturday night, my significant other proposed to me! Talk about stoked!  I love it! Next fall, though we haven’t set a date! So now, in addition to loosing weight and getting fit for my next VBAC, I am now getting fit and loosing weight for the wedding and honeymoon as well! I’ll do my best not to completely flood you guys this upcoming year with my crazy planning!


So nowwwww on to the weight loss!

Last week, I blogged an introduction to Slim and Sassy, a week early. I actually meant to introduce Grapefruit to you first. I used it exclusively this past week; no slim and sassy. I am soooo pleased with two things: 1) caffeine headaches. 2) appetite reduction.

Slim and Sassy does a LOT of things. It has grapefruit included in it, and therefore its natural to assume grapefruit’s benefits would be included in Slim and Sassy’s uses. But here’s the thing, I’m tempted to not start Slim and Sassy this week (which I introduced to you guys last week), and keep to Grapefruit!

What I do? Rub it on my hands and take 5-7 DEEP breaths before eating – anything. A snack, a meal, whatever! Oh my word what a difference! I’ve also stepped back from 2 L of Dr. Pepper a day (yeah I know, whaaaaaat?) to 1 can a day. By next week I hope to be completely off drink caffeine all together. The sodas are the only dietary change I’ve made so far. I know me, if I push it too hard too fast, I’ll crash and burn.

You can also drink 2-7 (start small,  build up) drops in a bottle of water throughout the day. It really does taste good: for me, much less “oily” if in a glass bottle vs. a plastic bottle.

What’s really cool about grapefruit? You can rub it topically on “problem areas” as it disolves fat and cellulite as well! Now, lets go!

You guys start on this grapefruit oils! Did anyone use any Slim & Sassy last week? Is anyone else working toward overall fitness and core strength? Has anyone prepared for a VBAC intentionally? What did you do?

Please feel free to comment with any questions you have about essential oils and use in your home, personal use, or work place… or EMAIL ME (csnoodles@yahoo.com) to inquire about samples, purchase, or enroll in your wholesale account.Please include “DOTERRA OILS” in your subject line.

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