Hand Cookies!!!

A month or so ago I was watching Pioneer Woman, which doesn’t happen very often, and she made hand cookies with her daughter during a sleep over.  My mind immediately started spinning searching for a time in our schedule when we could hand cookies.  I knew I wanted it to be during the week and when the older boys were home but between football practice and karate class that doesn’t leave much time.  I checked the calender and the boys had October 7th off.  Now that I had the date picked out I started to worry about my rolling pin skills or lack of to be exact.  I figured I would never get better if I didn’t just try!  The boys were looking forward to making their hand cookies so this past Monday I set out to make hand cookies.  Callum fell asleep so he didn’t get to make one but he still makes a fist when I try to make his hand print with paint so I wasn’t to heart broken.  We followed the recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s website that you can find here.
My skills with a rolling pin have not improved at all but I will get there, maybe.  The boys loved making the cookies and painting the cookies. Image  I was very surprised with how Mason did.  He did ask me this morning if we could make hand cookies again since it was raining and since it was raining on Monday I guess that makes rainy days baking days. ImageHere is what they looked like when I took them out of the oven.  Mason smashed his hand down when I was cutting his out so it was a little thin.  Alex’s hand (the green one) was a zombie hand and Wyatt’s was the red one.  I love baking with my kids and this was actually one project they wanted to do with me.  Have you baked with your kids lately?  No matter how little they can help and they love helping and then eating right after.

On a side note the boys were off because it was a teacher work day and yesterday was REPORT CARD DAY!!!  That day happens to be one of my favorite days.  Alex is rocking the 6th grade and brought home 4 A’s and 2 B’s.  Such an improvement over last year and he said it’s because he has friends this year.  (Last year kids still considered him the “new kid” and a “city boy” and here being a city boy is a bad thing I guess) Wyatt brought home straight A’s and was very excited!  I am so very proud of my boys and probably as a reward (even though we don’t do rewards or punishments for grades if they do their best) their dad will take them to a haunted hay ride this weekend.  I will stay home with the little ones.  Hope ya’ll are enjoying the fall weather!

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