[Aromatherapy] Weight Loss: Week 4 of 6: Peppermint

I have absolutely loved this series of posts with you guys. Week one, we discussed doTerra’s Slim and Sassy blend, week two we discussed doTerra’s Grapefruit oil, and last week we discussed doTerra’s Lime oil. In addition to these oils, I have began working out once more, (finally! it only took my daughter turning 6 months old!) and have cut sodas from my diet. Today, I introduce Peppermint Essential Oil.

I still encourage you, please email me csnoodles@yahoo.com with “DoTerra Questions” in the subject line, or comment here for more information, questions, comments, samples, or wholesale enrollment opportunities. I’ll be more than happy to talk with you!

I absolutely love Peppermint EO. It boosts my energy, refreshes my mind, and is EXCELLENT for my GI system. There are so many uses for the Peppermint oil. A study showed that those who used Peppermint Oil in a daily routine ate 23% fewer calories on a consistant bases than those who didn’t, and on average that added to nearly 3,000 calories a week, or equivalent to loosing 20 pounds in 6 months with healthy eating habits and moderate exercise activity. This is not a “diet” oil, this is a lifestyle.  What’s awesome? Unlike Lime used topically, Slim and Sassy used topically, and Grapefruit used topically (also used internally or diffused) this one I tend to use diffusing only (unless I have an upset stomach or headache in which case internal or topical is my choice of application). A cold air diffuser is amazing, but I tend to stick it on a crotchet flower hooked onto the air vent of my car.

Now, some studies link Peppermint to milk – production problems for nursing mothers. I haven’t noticed this with doTerra’s pure oils, and won’t risk it with other brands. I tend to be super careful and haven’t used it internally at all since birth, but diffusing… seems safe for my milk thus far!

How are your weight loss and fitness plans going? Making goals? Reaching your goals? Tell us, share!

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