[Messy Art] Take a Break!


photo 1(1)
This was suuuuch a fun week with the kiddos! Thumb print art with homemade paint was Anna’s favorite art of the week by far. We used 1c flour, 1c salt, and 1c water mixed with different colors of food coloring to thumbprint leaves on a tree I painted for her. But honestly? Her favorite part was after all the leaves dried! She examined the salt spots in each print for well over 15 mintues! I was so impressed and in love with her imagination and fascination!

photo 3
This week was also BEYOND beautiful! As much as I like daily art, I also LOVE daily activity outside! I cannot wait for my own child to play outside all four seasons all types of weather. This weather was PERFECT! Kara stayed more than happy, for hours!, in her stroller outside, and the kids had a BLAST! 20-month-old Carson even pretends he’s Eeyore sticking long grass in his diaper walking around on all fours making donkey noises! I love these kids; through kids, you can really see the beauty and “newness” in life!
At the wildlife center, Anna impressed EVERYONE! She loves telling people about the animals she loves. She explained to the daddy of a 2-year-old how deer were like Gazelle but they’re different because Gazelle live in Africa. I think she knows more about some things than I do! 🙂
photo 2(1)

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