[Fitness] Even when I don’t want to

I have to be honest.

I have a splitting headache.  And I am exhausted because my baby has decided that all four for her first molars must come in at once so sleep is. just. not. happening.  Work is crazy.  My consulting practice is taking off.  And I am trying to write a book (!!!).  I think I overbooked myself.  All I want to do is curl up in bed with a cup of tea and just zone out.  But I can’t.  

My fitbit tells me I have 900 steps to go before I hit my 10k step goal for the day.  I haven’t worked out and I need to lift something heavy….just to prove to myself that I can…that despite feeling like a zombie, I am strong.  

Although my eyelids are heavy, I am reminded of the commitment I made to myself (regarding my health), the commitment I made to the Many Moms blogging posse (to write about fitness and nutrition every tuesday) and the commitment I made to the blog challengers (to write a post every day for thirty days).  

So with that in mind, I am going to post this wee blog, report in to my blog challenge and hit the gym…  

Be well,


Here is the funny thing about working out…even when I am tired.  Even when I am headachey…even when I was late in my pregnancy and everything seemed like such a chore, I never regretted working out once it was done.  


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2 Responses to [Fitness] Even when I don’t want to

  1. I am often exhausted a sleep deprived due tomy nocturnal baby boy. He is 10 months old and rarely sleep through the night, rarely takes more than one nap a day and rarely sits still.

  2. Crystal says:

    I have trouble exercising when I don’t feel good or I’m just tired. I really need to hope on the band wagon and just do it! Thanks for showing that I’m not alone.

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