[Aromatherapy] New School Years Have Their Faults!

I am a mom of a 6-month old as of next week, but I nanny for two children who just started school. Along with the new school year brings back reminders and fears for parents who just want their kiddies to get a strong, fun education and not bring home the vices that often come along with groups of kids: sickness and lice.

And here, I bring you Essential Oils. There are two that I feel are just essential EO’s for back to school, specifically. On Guard, and Lemon. Some of you will not want to treat lice with EO’s, as you are already well aware and know that the commercial chemical product works; however I will include two recipe’s I’ve found below for those of you that enjoy the natural route.


Let me explain On Guard. I could write all day about uses for onGuard, but basically this is a doTerra specific blend that includes Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Wild Orange. It supports a strong immune system, depresses mold, kills airborne bacteria and virus molecules, and works as a topical disinfectant. My daughter gets this on her feet, mixed in 100% extra virgin olive oil anytime we head to work with a sick kid. She has been sick once; and that was prior to our EO dependance. This can be diffused at the home, used topically, or ingested. Teachers can diffuse this product in the classroom. Cut down sick days; and for teachers, cut down on the amount of days you feel bad. PLUS, I love it because doTerra’s Wild Orange blend is too strong for me. It makes me feel sick. BUT, its properties are so uplifting in the power it holds to change attitudes and uplift spirits. Diffusing it in the air is SO perfect, and being a part of onGuard, it doesn’t run me out of the room; though some people flock to the Wild Orange scent.

Lemon, on the other hand, is perfect for overall wellness, disinfectant (again, teachers! stop washing your toys with chemicals and PineSols!), and even insect repellants. It is a fabulous detox for the human body; though the oil is TOO oily for me and I have use to Grapefruit in my water instead.  Diffusing it into the air, or applying it to the palms of one’s hands, is often times thought to be two of the best ways of using this oil. I know its constantly on the counter, and not put “up,” in my home. It often times even goes into the laundry, just a drop or two. Talk about double kill!

lemon2YOU DON’T HAVE TO JUST LET “back to school viruses” RUN THEIR COURSES any longer! EO’s are here to save your day!



For Lice: Mild2-5 drops Maleleuca
2-5 drops Lemon
5-10 drops Carrier (Coconut Oil or Olive Oil)
Let stand for at least 1/2 hour.  Shampoo with good quality shampoo with 2-5 drops of Melaleuca added to a teaspoon of shampoo.  Follow with the Melaleuca shampoos daily for the following week.

For Lice: Severe
10 Drops Eucalyptus
5 Drops Geranium
5 Drops Lavender
5 Drops Melaleuca
5-10 Drops Carrier Oil (Coconut Oil is a good choice).
– Comb into lice-infested hair, cover with shower cap over night. Avoid eyes. Next morning use good quality shampoo with 2-5 drops Melaleuca for every teaspoon shampoo. Follow with the Melaleuca shampoos daily for the following week.

Please feel free to comment with any questions you have about essential oils and use in your home, or EMAIL ME (csnoodles@yahoo.com) to inquire about samples, purchase, or enroll in your wholesale account.

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